About the Haflinger Owners of Wisconsin 

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About Haflinger Horses

haflinger girl meadow

The Haflinger is truly America's Family Horse.

The beauty and charm of the Haflinger has been known to steal your heart forever. The breed origin can be traced back to medieval times when writings told of an Oriental breed of horse found in the southern Tyrolean mountains of the present day Austria and northern Italy.

The official documentation of the present Haflinger was in 1874 when the foundation stallion 249 Folie was born of the half-Arab stallion 133 El' Bedavi XXII crossed with refined native Tyrolean mares. All modern purebred Haflingers must trace their ancestry directly to Folie through seven different stallion lines.

About HOW

The Haflinger Owners of Wisconsin Ltd (HOW) became a club in March of 2003 when the bylaws and articles of incorporation were voted on and passed at the first annual meeting.

The club began in an effort to unite Wisconsin Haflinger horse owners and organize a group that could effectively promote and educate the public on the merits of the Haflinger horse. By hosting fun and educational events, we hope to increase exposure to the breed and encourage non-Haflingers owners to consider choosing a Haflinger for their next equine partner.

To date the club has several dozen member families from all over Wisconsin with very diverse interests in Haflingers. Some members compete in driving events others do open shows, some do trail riding and packing and some are breeders. Whatever your interest, fun and friendship can be found in the Haflingers Owners of Wisconsin club     .